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Happy Birthday to You – special, unique, one and only You. Catch every moment, collect memories and store them as Your superpower. Use them to stay happy, to stay yourself whatever you do. Have lots of love, laugh, passion and other positive vibes. Hope You have a great birthday celebration! Best wishes.

On this special day i want to wish you a special checklist to remember: always smile, have fun as often as possible. Plus, keep good people close to you and stay closed for those who are not willing to bring good emotions and energy to your life. All the best, take good care.

Hello, is it Your Birthday? So I thought. In this case I want to wish You all kinds of things that You consider necessary to stay happy and calm. Keep on going with your life, and keep it full of positive elements, that are useful, inspirational and really worth remembering. Best wishes, hope you have a great one!

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You are my true Sunshine. I want to wish all the best, and even more. Stay beautiful, not only outside, but inside, in Your heart. Keep smiling and do whatever You like to be happy. I will always be there for You, whatever it takes. Happy Birthday, Honey – keep creating Your own, one and only happiness.

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Yeah, You again. Another year passed, and we are still friends. Strange, eh? Now seriously, I wish you all the best, so that you could share these jets and millions with me someday. Happy birthday, may this day be unique and unforgettable. At least try to make it that way, OK? All the best, cheers!

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It’s your special day, but don’t get carried away. Unless you want to investigate what happened during your party. Don’t let too much fun ruin your next morning. Or maybe you want to? Best wishes and good luck celebrating, wake up in good shape and try not to blackout.

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Happy Birthday to You, my dear Friend! Loads of love, luck, and happiness. Do whatever makes You happy, and catch every moment of Your unique and interesting life story. Have a great number of positive experiences, meet special people. You are also special, always remember that. Best wishes, thank You!

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Thank you for being a great friend. For sharing great moments and making beautiful memories. For being there for me. Wish you all the best, hope you have a great birthday. Stay the way you are, so that we could still create our unique story. Happy birthday, wish you all the best, for each and every day.

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It’s kinda hard to write all the things I wish You. For being a great friend, for being a great person. I wish You all the best, hoping You would reach anything planned. Stay strong, keep being positive, just be Yourself. And remember not to forget about our special relation. Happy b-day, wishing you the best!

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Hello, You. For being there for me, for being the way You are. For remembering and being helpful every time I needed. Even for just thinking from time to time if we don’t talk to each other for a while. I wish you all you deserve – best things, best days, best people and a great life! Take good care, You!

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I want to thank You, truly and straight from the heart. I wish You all the best, because You definitely deserve it. Keep doing what You love, keep being cheerful and stay positive. Just be yourself, remembering to win every single day. Reach your goals, do your things and just stay as happy and great, as you are now.

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Dear Sister, on your special day I wish you all the best. I know you will always get what you wish for, so I wish luck and the ability to dream-come-true, when it comes to your different plans. Smile a lot, be grateful for every day and keep living your dream. Remember, you are the best. Happy birthday!

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You are special and I want to wish you all the best. Thank you for being such a great sister. I know we can count on each other every time we need. I hope you reach all you want in your life. Happy birthday, remember about me wherever you will be. Ever. I know we still gonna have a lot of great moments together.

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Hey there. On your special day, dear Sister, I wish you what’s the best all over the world. Hope you enjoy every single day of life to the fullest. Plus, I hope you always stay cheerful, open-minded and full of happiness. Happy birthday, hope You celebrate incredibly magic moments. Love you.

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You will see how much I care about You, when You realize one day, that all these things between us were beautiful. You are my sister, I care for you, wish you all the best and I am sure You will have a great, happy life with a great number of successes. You are special, always remember that, wherever you will be.

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Happy Birthday, Sis! It’s your special day, so I hope you are going to have a great one. Remember – always keep smiling and do what makes you happy. Have true friends, experience true goodness. Be yourself, wherever you get. And remember, I always wish you the best. Cheers!

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Birthday quotes tumblr

Dear Daughter, You’re getting older. Despite passing years, and watching You grow up, I want to tell You that You will always be my little Love. Keep enjoying every single day, keep meeting good people and reach for the stars in Your living plans. We love You, please remember wherever You will ever be.

For all the happy moments, all of our unique days, hours and minutes, I am truly grateful. It’s your birthday and I want You to know, that I wish you all the best. Whatever you do, wherever you go and whatever you decide to do with your life. Best wishes, have an awesome life.

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You are special, so these wishes will also be. Stay strong and beautiful, outside and in your heart. Be good, brave and achieve all the things in life you want. Surround yourself with honest, good and well-behaving people. I am sure you will reach for the stars, if only you want to. Happy birthday!

You deserve the same as you are. The best. So on this special day, I want to tell You that I will always be there for You. Do your things, explore, meet people, catch every moment. Remember to smile a lot and stay happy as long as it’s gonna be possible. Happy birthday, my Love!

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